Celebrate with Mother’s Day Tulips, Fresh from the Farm! 1

Local tulips and daffodils

Mother’s Day is coming up – a day to honour and show some respect to all the creative forces that have given birth to new life!

Our own mothers (Shannon’s mom Janet and Bryan’s mom Judy) have always been there for us to offer their support and encouragement.
Bryan and his mom and sister

Farmer Bryan getting carrots ready for market with his sister Kristen and mom Judy.


Family getting beets ready for market.

Farmer Shannon’s mom Janet, sister Miranda, and dad Al helping out.

They’ve been our strongest supporters as we’ve created Broadfork Farm. And have done a lot of hard work while visiting us!
And, clearly, they both raised us to honour and respect Mother Earth and all her children – the plants, birds, earthworms, fungi, animals, and humans. That’s why we work hard to provide the healthiest produce we can, without doing it at the expense of all the other species.
Monarch butterfly

Mama Monarch getting ready to lay her eggs on these Milkweed plants, the sole food source of her baby Monarch caterpillars.

We know so many mamas who are similarly raising their children to hold strong social and environmental values.

For Mother’s Day, they deserve tokens of appreciation that reflect these values.

Fair-trade, organic chocolate is always good (I’m craving some as I type this!) and how about a bouquet of our locally and sustainably-grown spring tulips?
They are a beautiful, feel-good, happy option for gorgeous blooms with freshness that you simply can’t import.
Local tulips
Throughout the year, from spring til Autumn, you can see the changing seasonal diversity of blooms that we grow. Right now, in our region, tulips are as seasonal as you can get!
You could even go a step further and get your mama a membership to our Market Food Club – which basically works similarly to a gift certificate – your mom can either pick up her own bouquet from us at the Dieppe Market on Saturdays – or you can pick one up for her on your way to see her for your weekly visit.
Learn more about our farmer-florist activities on our Specialty Cut Flowers page.
A bonus of the Market Food Club is that your mom doesn’t need to use it only for flowers – she can also pick up fresh, organic vegetables to nourish her, seeds and plants for her garden, or local honey from bees foraging on a diversity of flowers at our farm.
market display of tulips
On Mother’s Day, treat your Mama and your Mother Earth!
See you at the Market,
your farmers Bryan and Shannon
Happy Mother's Day

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