Contact Us

A great way to contact us is in person at the Dieppe Market in Dieppe, NB every Saturday between April and November.

232 Gauvin Rd., Dieppe, NB

Contact Information:



Instagram: @broadforkfarmers

Telephone: (902) 251-2686

Farm Address: 3630 Boars Back Rd., River Hebert, NS

Note: We don’t have a farm stand. Visits to the farm must be scheduled in advance to ensure we’re available.

Disclaimer: Our farm is in a sweet little spot without internet access and cell phone reception. So, we don’t have internet at home and neither of us own a cell phone. 

But we do have a local library with internet access. And we head there at least a few times a week to accomplish online business.

So please don’t be offended if it takes a few days to hear from us. We are good at replying. Just not always quickly.

We do have a telephone. With one of those awesome really long cords from the ’80s that are so hard to find nowadays. If you want to reach us quickly, you can call us and leave a message.

Many people in our age group might think this all sounds nuts. But it’s actually quite lovely.