Our Market Food Club

Join our market club!

We invite you to become part of our Market Food Club!

Do you want fresh, local, organic vegetables, herbs, and/or flower bouquets but a typical weekly veggie box (or CSA) program doesn’t suit you?

How it works:

We are currently not accepting Market Club Members while the Dieppe Market is hosting the virtual market. Please subscribe to our email list or join our private Broadfork Farm Buying group on facebook to keep up to date on when/where/how you will be able to buy our products.

  • You come to the Dieppe Market on Saturdays between 7 am and 1:30 pm from April until November.
  • Choose anything you like from our stand.
  • You don’t need to have cash on you – you’ve already paid! (plus…you get a 5% bonus from us!)
  • We take the value of your produce off your tab.
  • Your tab lasts until you run out.
  • We give you 5% extra on your tab to spend. $100 gives you $5 extra dollars, $500 gives you $25 extra dollars.
  • Like a gift card, you pay in advance. Sign up here by filling out the Registration Form, and choose any hundred dollar increment.
  • Payment can be made by email transfer, cheque, or cash.
    • Please send payment by email transfer to broadforkfarm(at)gmail.com
    • or by cheque to: Broadfork Farm, 3630 Boars Back Road, River Hebert, NS, B0L 1G0

The Benefits:

  • You can leave your cash at home. You’ve already paid!
  • Complete freedom to choose what you like, in the amounts you like each week.
  • It applies to anything at our Dieppe Market stand – organic vegetables, herbs, flower bouquets, garden seedlings, seeds, honey.
  • Flexibility. No need to tell us in advance if you’re going on vacation or if you have guests and need more produce than usual.
  • Bonus 5% extra vegetables (or flower bouquets).
  • Know where your food comes from. You’ll develop a stronger connection with your farmers through your commitment to the farm.
  • Help shape what we grow. We’ll ask what you love and fine-tune what we grow each year based on your tastes.
  • Invitations to the farm whenever we host farm tours, potlucks, or workshops.
  • Help build a stronger local economy.
  • Support young local organic farmers who share your values of health, nutrition, and environmental stewardship. 

Learn more about our market food club:

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