Our upcoming Seedling Sales

Parsley plants

We’ve got 2 events coming up where we’ll be selling our organic seedlings and seeds for gardeners.

The first one is this Tuesday evening in Shediac, at the Shediac Community Garden’s annual spring meeting. We’ll be doing a little talk about our farm and farm practices. For more info, find the facebook event page here.

The second is our 3rd annual Organic Plant Sale at La Bikery in Moncton. It’s happening on Sunday, June 3rd from 10 am to 2pm. This year, there’s the addition of a big bike sale happening too! For more info, the facebook event page is here.

seedling sale

We’ll also still be bringing seedlings to the Dieppe Market on Saturdays for at least the next 2 weeks (maybe 3). However, the selection of varieties tends to go down over time as we sell out of some. So, if you have specific ones you’re after, it’s best to get your tomatoes sooner.

Seedlings include:

Cherry tomatoes:

  • Gardener’s Sweetheart – red
  • Sweet Million – classic cherry
  • Pink Grape – dark pink
  • Chocolate Cherry – purple/brown
  • Green Doctors – green when ripe
  • Tiny Tim – good for small spaces, no cage needed
  • Washington Cherry – large red cherry
  • Cherry Bomb – sweet, firm skin
  • Sunshine – yellow
  • Galina’s – yellow, potato-leaves
  • Gold Nugget – compact plant, yellow
  • Honeydrop – orange
  • Matt’s Wild – small red, super-sweet, most similar to wild relatives
  • Sunrise Bumble Bee – large, yellow with red stripes

Medium-sized tomatoes:

  • Scotia – early red
  • Home Stoop – red
  • Taxi – yellow, compact plants
  • Pink Boar – saladette, purple with green stripes, pink interior
  • Estate – red slicer
  • Candy Sweet Icicle – striped yellow saladette, seed from our seed-saving mentor

Large Tomatoes:

  • Solar Flare – red with yellow speckles
  • Pink Berkely Tie Dye – purple with green stripes
  • Pork Chop – yellow with white stripes
  • Oxheart – pink-red
  • Rose de Berne – pink, rich


  • King Crimson – classic red bell pepper
  • Yellow Doe – medium-sized, early yellow
  • Maria Nagy’s – transylvanian hot pepper, cayenne-type
  • Jimmy Nardello’s – sweet frying type

Ground Cherries


  • Green curly
  • Red curly
  • Dinosaur


Cucamelon – basically the cherry tomato of the cucumber world, grows on a vine, great for snacking


  • Green
  • Purple

Holy Basil (Sacred Basil) – great for herbal teas

Parlsey, Italian flat leaf and curly

Milkweed, Swamp (Asclepias Incarnata) – the sole food source for Monarch caterpillars, the nectar attracts lots of other beneficial pollinators

Gaillardia, Monarch large-flowered – perennial flower for attracting Monarchs and other butterflies

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