Meet your Farmers

Hey! We’re Shannon & Bryan, the farmers at Broadfork Farm.

We love growing nutritious and delicious vegetables and herbs – and we love eating them too! We cook simple and tasty dishes on the farm, always experimenting with the foods we grow.  We also preserve the veggies we grow, to get the best of the season and keep it to enjoy later (especially in the winter). We really love lacto-fermenting – for taste and health benefits. We’re really into healthy eating. 

We also grow a lot of different flowers – for their incredible beauty and also for the ecological benefits to the farm (increasing biodiversity, supporting pollinators, and different plant families to add to our crop rotation). We almost always have flowers displayed in our home, to bring the connection with Nature indoors.

On Saturdays, between April and November, you can find us at the Dieppe Market in Dieppe, New Brunswick.


Broadfork Farmers at Market
young organic farmer with cucumbers in hand

I’m Shannon.

I’ve been passionate about the environment since I was a child. As a teenager, I became interested in natural skin and hair care – which led to a passion for nutrition and healthy living. After studying and becoming a Holistic Nutritionist, I realized that healthy eating needs to start with the healthiest possible food – and unfortunately, our global food supply was in rough shape! I realized that I wanted to support people’s health (and the health of the environment) from the soil up – so I apprenticed on farms in different parts of the world (Canada, the U.S., India, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador) over the course of 7 years. Each farm taught me lessons that have ultimately informed the farmer I am today.

My name’s Bryan.

During university, I spent a summer apprenticing on a biodynamic farm … and never stopped.

I loved the complexity of farming and learning to work with within the laws of nature.

Working with my hands – building things, tending plants and animals, and caring for the soil – is the ideal job for me…despite the many curveballs thrown at us as farmers!

I love getting up early when everything’s quiet and peaceful. I love good food and trying new varieties, and I also love growing good food for the soil organisms (in the form of cover crops).


organic farmer

We met while working on different farms in the same area. 

We started dreaming and planning our future farm together, and in 2011, started Broadfork Farm.

Starting this farm has been the most incredible way to take all of our passions and values  and create something life-enriching and fulfilling.

We believe in the power of local farms and organic food to make the world a better place. 

We both work full-time on the farm. It’s just us. We’re a 2-person operation.


In our off-time?


We love arranging flowers for our home, swimming in the Bay of Fundy, hanging out with our cats, playing a game of Settlers of Catan, and tearing up during episodes of Queer Eye.

In addition to full-time farming, we also volunteer on boards and committees that we believe in.

Currently, Shannon is serving on the boards of:

In the past, she served on the boards of:

Bryan is currently serving on the board of:

Previously he served:

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