Locally Grown Flowers for your Special Event

We grow the flowers. You arrange them.

Bulk Buckets of Flowers

Do you want your wedding flowers to be unique and special and reflect your values?

Do the wild, garden-inspired flowers you see all over Pinterest and Instagram make your heart sing?

Do you think arranging flowers with your wedding party would be a special experience and memory for years to come?

Perhaps you buy local often but you didn’t realize you could buy sustainably-grown flowers from a nearby flower farm?

Are you concerned that your budget won’t let you afford the kinds of natural, lush arrangements you love?

Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

While thinking about your wedding, you may have considered a local and seasonal menu, rustic event venues, local bands, and photographers that will imbue your event with the spirit and energy of the Maritimes.

DIY Wedding Flowers
cut flowers blooming in the field

How can we help?

  • We grow a diversity of flowers, foliage, and special bits (like seed pods and grasses, etc.) ecologically on our farm.
  • We provide bulk buckets of seasonal flowers that will be unique to your special day.
  • It’s an ideal option if you’re interested in DIY flowers where you (or friends/family) arrange all the flowers according to your taste.

How to order bulk buckets of flowers:

Step 1:

Decide if DIY flowers are right for you & how many buckets you’ll need.

Step 2:

Confirm that we have availability on your date by sending us an email.

Step 3:

Pick your flowers up before your wedding (either at the market or the farm).

Here are the details of our Bulk Buckets program:

There are 2 options:

  1. Grower’s Choice: Buckets are $85 + tax each. We fill each bucket with a mix of what’s beautiful in the fields that week. If you’re very flexible with your colours, this is the perfect option for you!
  2. Custom Palette: Buckets are $125 + tax each. If you want a more limited colour palette (like pinks/purples/whites…or no reds/oranges/yellows), this is the option for you.
Buckets of spring flowers
buckets of flowers

Secure your date

Inquire whether we have your date available and send a 50% non-refundable retainer by e-transfer.

Since we spend most of our time in the field and don’t have internet access at the farm, we are not always able to reply quickly. Please be patient and know we will respond as soon as we see your email (within a few days).  


You can either:

  1. Pick-up on our farm between Tuesday and Friday
  2. Or pick up at the Dieppe Market on Fridays or Saturdays (this option may be limited with Pandemic restrictions, we’re not always able to be at the market)
flower farmers in Nova Scotia

Flowers by the month gallery





Bulk Buckets from Broadfork Farm
Black-eyed susan
flower farmer at the market

 P.S. Please check out our Pinterest Board that offers Resources for DIY Wedding Flowers!