DIY flowers

Bulk Buckets of Flowers

Do you want your wedding flowers to be unique & special and reflect your values?

  • Do the wild, garden-inspired flowers you see all over Pinterest make your heart sing?
  • Do you think arranging flowers with your wedding party would be a creative experience that no one will forget?
  • Perhaps you buy local as much as you can, but you didn’t realize that you could buy sustainably-grown flowers from a nearby flower farm?
  • Are you concerned that your budget won’t let you afford the kinds of flowers you like?
buckets of flowers

Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

While thinking about your wedding, you may have considered a local and seasonal menu, rustic event venues, local bands, and photographers that will imbue your event with the spirit and energy of the Maritimes.

What about your flowers?

  • Most flowers available are not grown in Canada, much less our region.
  • Local flower farms are still fairly rare across Canada but there has been a resurgence.
  • Fresh flowers, grown right here, will reflect sustainability and seasonality for your floral décor.
  • They transform a space and give guests a unique experience. They also warm up a venue and make it unique to your wedding.
  • DIY buckets are a great option to save money on flowers and/or put your friends to work.
  • You don’t need to spend your life savings to have a beautiful wedding day!

How can we help?

  • We grow a diversity of flowers, foliage, and extra bits (like seed pods, grasses, etc) ecologically on our organic farm.
  • We provide bulk buckets of seasonal flowers that will be unique to your specific wedding date.
  • It’s an ideal option if you’re interested in DIY flowers where you (or family/friends) arrange all the flowers according to your taste.
cut flowers blooming in the field

The flowers we grow are:

The flowers in each bulk bucket represent the blooms that are at their peak on your specific wedding day and year in this area. The weather impacts each year differently and so no two weeks ever have the exact same mixture of flowers blooming.

Most flowers sold in Canada come here by airplane. Buying flowers straight from the farm that grew them ensures the freshest blooms and highlights the beauty of our region.

Flowers that come from faraway are necessarily types that can be shipped long-distance, mostly out of water, and then rehydrated. This means that so many of the most interesting, delicate, or heirloom varieties can only be found on local flower farms. Our flowers are well suited to a less formal, garden-fresh, wildflower-style.

Our bulk buckets are filled with the best of what’s available in any given week on the farm. Because we don’t take orders for specific flowers, we have the flexibility to harvest the most beautiful flowers in our field just for you.

Our flowers are never sprayed with pesticides or fumigants, we grow them the same way we grow our organic vegetables. They are beneficial for pollinators. Our flowers are non-toxic to touch while arranging and safe to compost when you’re done with them. Buying straight from our farm also reduces all the packaging waste from shipping and the greenhouse gas emissions from air travel.

As you’ll be saving money by acting as your own florist, the flowers you buy from us will be a similar price that a florist would get. With DIY flowers, we are simply selling our flowers to you – we are not florists. The arranging part is up to you.

How to order bulk buckets of flowers:


Decide if DIY flowers are right for you & how many buckets you need.


Confirm your date’s availability with us.


Pick your flowers up before your wedding.

Here are the details of our DIY wedding program:

2 Options:

Grower’s Choice

  • buckets are $100 each (plus tax)
  • We will fill your buckets with the best of what’s in bloom that week.
  • If you want fresh, beautiful flowers & are very flexible with your colours, this is perfect for you!

Custom Colours

  • buckets are $150 each (plus tax)
  • We tailor your buckets to your color palette and style.
  • If you want a more limited color palette, this is the choice for you.
Bulk Buckets from Broadfork Farm

Secure your Date


Inquire whether we have your date available and send a 50% retainer by e-transfer.

Since we spend most of our time in the field and don’t have internet access at the farm, we are not always able to reply quickly. Please be patient and know we will respond as soon as we see your email (within a few days).


2 options:

  1. For pick-up Tuesdays to Fridays: At our farm in River Hebert, NS.
  2. For pick-up Saturdays: At the Dieppe Market in Dieppe, NB between 7 am and 1: 30 pm.
Buckets of spring flowers

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on:

  • what you plan to make with your DIY flowers
  • your arranging style
  • the size of your vases too; votives look nice with just a couple of flowers and a sprig of greenery

Each bucket contains between 60-80 stems depending on type.
For example, this could be enough material to fill 5-7 mason jars.

Plan on using most of a bucket for a bridal bouquet (unless you prefer a very petite bouquet) and making 3 to 4 bridesmaid bouquets per bucket.

The beautiful wedding bouquet arrangements on Pinterest often have more stems than you might think.

For boutonnieres and corsages you need relatively little material (less than 1 bucket for the whole wedding party).

If you’re not sure, round up since you can always find a place for extra flowers!

The average order we get is around 5 or 6 buckets.

We require a non-refundable retainer of 50% at time of booking/securing your order.

This is because your order impacts our growing – we spend more on seeds, compost, time to grow and care for your flowers way before we are harvesting them.

Also, we only book a certain amount of bulk buckets in any given week, so we will be reserving the most beautiful flowers on your week for you.  

Our farm is in River Hebert, NS. We are a 25 minute drive from Amherst, a 35 minute drive from Sackville, NB, and a 1 hour drive from Dieppe/Moncton/Riverview.

Each year is different (with weather and climate change) and we can’t promise that the flowers that were in bloom last year will be the same ones blooming that time this year. 

We can promise they will be fresh and the most beautiful of what’s in bloom on the farm that week.

Below are a few images of harvests from different times of year on the farm.


Examples of Bulk Buckets 

Hover over each picture for the time of year those flowers were harvested. 

They start at the beginning of the bulk bucket season and move through until the end.

Meet Your Flower Farmers: Shannon and Bryan

flower farmer at the market

At Broadfork Farm, we’ve been growing cut- flowers since 2012 and selling bulk buckets of flowers for DIY weddings since 2016.

Our flowers are grown sustainably, with respect for pollinators; we never use pesticides and are committed to being a part of the solution to the climate crisis.

Whereas most flowers bought in Canada are imported, our flowers move straight from our fields to you. The flowers we grow are types and varieties that aren’t often found at florist shops or supermarkets.

As flower farmers, we love creative brides and grooms! We’re pleased to offer bulk buckets of wedding flowers at any scale and for any budget.

We grow flowers because their beauty and uniqueness brings joy and light to our lives. We want to share our delight in flowers to bring that joy and light to your special day.

We’re here to share our flowers with folks in all kinds of ceremonies– straight, LGBTQ, traditional, unconventional… Love is Love!

We are proud that our flowers have not been transported from afar like the majority of cut-flowers available. We sell all of our flowers locally, through the Dieppe Market and DIY Bulk Buckets. No shipping by plane means less pollution, lower handling costs, no preservatives or fumigants, and less wear on the planet.

We don’t use chemical fertilizers, pesticides or preservatives which are harmful to the environment and not actually necessary as instead we practice crop rotation, have a lot of different plants growing in the same field rather than a monoculture, and focus on building healthy soils.

We produce flowers that can’t be shipped because they are too delicate to send in boxes around the world, but can be sold freshly harvested straight to the customer.


If you’re interested in using our seasonal, unique, farm fresh flowers for your wedding, send us a message.


Good luck with your wedding planning!

your Farmers, Shannon and Bryan

 P.S. Please check out our Pinterest Board that offers Resources for DIY Wedding Flowers!