Cut Flowers

We sell our beautiful bouquets of freshly-cut local flowers on Saturdays at the Dieppe Market.

We grow a diversity of lush greenery and interesting grasses in addition to beautiful blooms (over 200 different flower varieties) that make amazing arrangements for your home or for a special gift.

Our bouquets last about a week without flower food. As organic farmers, we don’t use flower food in our water. Read our tips on How to Make your Fresh Flowers Last Longer.

On our 15 acre organic farm we are committed to maintaining wild corridors, hedgerows and plant diversity in order to farm with other species in mind – from the smallest insects to frogs, birds, and mammals. And growing cut flowers helps us achieve that. This rich diversity helps to keep crops pollinated and disease cycles and pests in balance.

Our nature/garden-inspired bouquets are a great way to connect to our farm and the natural bounty of our region throughout the seasons.

To learn more about our flower-growing, read our blog posts Why Local Cut Flowers?, and Broadfork in Bloom.

DIY Wedding + Event Flowers

We offer buckets of flowers to make your own arrangements – perfect for DIY weddings, baby showers, retirement parties and rehearsal dinners! Keep in mind that all of our flowers are unique to each season, which means that available varieties change with each week. Nothing makes your special day more beautiful than showcasing local flowers!

Our bulk buckets of flowers cost $75 for a mixture of “grower’s choice” (whatever is ready and beautiful at that time of year). For more specific colour requests, the buckets are $125. Each bucket is a mixture of beautiful blooms of different shapes and sizes, foliage, and special grasses or other “airy” elements. While the amount of bouquets a bucket can make vary depending on size of bouquet, on average one might contain enough to make approximately 5 medium sized bouquets.

 We can’t do special delivery but we can bring your flowers to the Dieppe Market on Saturday for pickup there. Or you can come to pick up at the farm, depending on your schedule.

Please send us an email if you’re interested in this option.

Wedding flowers

Edible Flowers ­

We also grow a variety of edible flowers. Use as garnish on salads, wedding cakes, cupcakes, and any other dish you can imagine. Please ask us at least 2 weeks in advance if you need particular colours or amounts for an event.


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