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Brassica seedlings emerging from the soil. One of our neighbours, Ted, a retired draft horse. The pond next to the greenhouse.Read More
This is our new greenhouse which Bryan finished putting up last week with the help of Wayne, Colin and Leland. Our seedling bench will be heated with the outdoor wood furnace. Right now, most of our supplies are being stored in the wood shed next to the greenhouse. The vents were put in yesterday and the heated bench was built yesterday as well. The plumber is here right now so we’ll (hopefully!) be able toRead More
We took a short trek down to William Dam seeds in Dundas yesterday and picked up the last of our seeds! William Dam Seeds offers high quality untreated seeds, carrying more and more certified organic seed each year. It was exciting to see racks and racks of seeds, acres of plants just waiting to be unleashed! There is just over one short week before we will be packing up all of our things, and headingRead More
Our farm cats take their jobs very seriously: rodent patrol and cuddles. The matriarch of our gang, Yuki keeps the guys in line. She systematically roves the farm seeking rodents that she knows were just about to eat a bunch of seeds or young seedlings we just planted. I estimate she’s saved thousands of dollars worth of greenhouse seedlings and young plants in the field with her diligence. She’s pretty shy around new people….which makesRead More
Bryan and Shannon
We’re busy crop planning and seed ordering! Please visit back soon to see what is coming up for the 2011 growing season at Broadfork Farm. We are leasing land at Windhorse Farm in New Germany, and selling our hand-tended vegetables at the Lunenburg and Bridgewater Farmers markets in Nova Scotia this summer. Can’t wait to meet you! Please feel free to contact us at broadforkfarm@gmail.com Or Follow us on Twitter: the Official @BroadforkFarm Twitter Feed Become ourRead More
At Broadfork we use organic farming methods to grow high-quality vegetables. Our entire crop is hand-tended to achieve the highest standards of flavor and quality to preserve the environment. We believe the health of communities is rooted (pun intended) in healthy people eating healthy food grown in healthy soil. We want to inspire our community to enjoy and share with us the abundance and wonder of organically grown, seasonal produce.Read More