Cucumber Pickle fermenting
It’s not hard to ferment vegetables. Once you learn the basics, you can pretty much ferment any vegetable you can think of, and use any kind of seasonings you want. The ferment you end up with will nourish you, be delicious, and preserve those vegetables while retaining their nutrients (sometimes even enhancing them!). Fermenting is both traditional and trendy. Don’t be intimidated, if we can do it with our busy farming schedules, so can you! Some of our personal favourite seasonal veggies to ferment: Spring: radishes, salad turnips Summer: cucumbers Fall: carrots, kohlrabi, cabbage, daikon radishes   We both learned […]

How to Ferment Vegetables: What you Need to ...

organic vegetables Dieppe
Can you guess which vegetable I’m talking about? It’s these gorgeous little round root veggies that look a lot like white radishes (though the different leaves are a telltale sign that they aren’t radishes). They are a Japanese salad turnip called Hakurei turnips (navets blancs in french). Many people have never seen them before. You won’t find them at the grocery store (at least not yet). They are mild and smooth textured and slightly sweet. No need to peel them. They are fabulous raw, eaten whole as a snack or sliced in salads. They are also incredible cooked, either pan-fried, […]

This is One of our Most Popular Veggies!

Last weekend, we gave a second workshop on lactofermentation in Cocagne, NB. The first one happened a month earlier. Cocagne is awesome. There are 3 cool groups based out of Cocagne that hosted/organized the workshops: the Cocagne Sustainable Development Group, Slow Food Cocagne Acadie, and Transition Cocagne. And, we were amazed by the interest. The first workshop sold out within a few days and had a pretty long waiting list…which is why the second one was quickly organized. Bryan and I have been into lactofermentation for years and it’s become a significant part of the food we preserve to sustain […]

Fermenting Goodness

We recently got a new local foods cookbook. The author is Elizabeth Bailey who happens to be one of our former farmers’ market customers (back when we were attending the Lunenburg Farmers’ Market). It’s called Maritime Fresh: Delectable recipes for preparing, preserving and celebrating local produce.’ Elizabeth was always the perfect market customer: enthusiastic about eating seasonal foods and kind and supportive to us as young farmers! It’s no surprise that she’s come out with a book that could be subtitled ‘How to be an awesome farmers’ market or CSA customer.’ I love how she lays out good information without […]

Maritime Fresh

rainbow beets
  October usually brings our first killing frost. The temperature goes a few degrees below zero and kills any sensitive crops that were left uncovered. Crops under protection can wilt a bit, but don’t always die. Frost brings mixed feelings. While we’re sad to let go of some crops, overall, we’re grateful to have a few less crops to harvest while we focus on bringing in the fall crops. Besides harvesting, we have a lot of work to do cleaning up the fields and readying them to go into winter. Once we have snow cover, anything left undone awaits spring thaw. […]

10 – October Recipes

This is a picture of a typical seasonal meal in our farmhouse kitchen: Whatever-Is-In-Season-That-We-Happen-To-Have-Near-At-Hand. We usually heat some butter, olive oil, or coconut oil in our much-used cast iron pan, throw in any vegetables (the vegetables that cook the quickest are the last to be thrown in), add some salt and any fresh or dried seasonings we feel like, and enjoy. One-pan wonders. That’s what our breakfast, lunch, or supper usually looks like. We like to say, If you know how to stir-fry, steam, roast, or make salads, you can easily and deliciously use any vegetable we grow. But it’s […]

07 – July Recipes