In a previous post we talked about the week-old chicks we picked up from Cochrane Family Farm on April 21st. For the next three weeks of their lives, these 22 birds stayed in a makeshift brooder here at the farm, a cordoned-off section of an enclosed porch. At the same time, we had been crafting a plan to build a mobile chicken coop, or ‘chicken tractor’ to house them when they were ready to take on the outdoors. What emerged was a plan to build two of these structures instead, each at 6′ x 8′ and approximately 4′ tall at […]

Building chicken tractors

On Saturday evening, we visited Cochrane Family Farm in Middle Stewiacke, NS. First we spent the day at the Truro Machinery Auction, then headed over to the Cochrane’s farm where they kindly and generously fed us dinner and gave us a great farm tour! Their farm is very diversified! They have a diversity of livestock: pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks, lambs, goats, new bee hives, and lots and lots of cats! I’ve always dreamed of having a baby animal farm and theirs is the closest thing I’ve seen to one. We saw baby chicks of various ages, baby lambs, baby goats, […]

Field Trip to Cochrane Family Farm