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September has always been my favourite month (probably due to my having been born in this month…). As a vegetable farmer, September is especially nice for me because of the reduction in the growth of weeds, the fruition of the much anticipated longer-season crops (winter squash, melons, eggplant, coloured peppers), and the sadness and longing-for the cooler weather (and future frost date). I am sad about the approaching cool weather because it means the endRead More
We have a market banner!!! We asked Danette, the woman behind the Sea Dog Bag Company, if she would make our banner because we wanted to support a small local business, she creates beautiful things with reclaimed materials, and she’s awesome and passionate and we really like her. A lot. She’s also a vendor at both farmers’ markets we go to so it made it really easy. She looked at our market stand tablecloth, ourRead More
When we got home from the Lunenburg farmers’ market yesterday, we made a very delicious pizza with the items we purchased there. We started with Italian-seasoned Focaccia from Schoolhouse Gluten-free Gourmet. Then we made pesto using our own basil, oregano and garlic scapes. For toppings, we sliced up Pleasant Hill Farm‘s (amazingly early!) cherry and slicing tomatoes and our own zucchini. We put two cheeses on top, both from Ran-cher Acres: their raw goat goudaRead More
This past Sunday, we had the pleasure of hosting the 1st in a series of Grow a Farmer days organized by ACORN (Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network) and the SOIL apprenticeship program. The workshop we held here was called How We Got Started which was mostly about how we moved from apprenticing or working on other farms to starting our own farm business. Hopefully, to inspire more young people to see farming as a viableRead More
We wanted to label our seedlings so people could remember what exactly it was they were growing. So, we went to the store and picked up some sticker labels and I (Shannon) hand-wrote each label (!)….which took a very long time. And the labels didn’t look very nice after we watered the plants. However, I’ve been saved from this laborious task by Bryan’s brother-in-law Joey. He works for a very cool company called Sticker You.com.Read More
This past week, we attended a LOCALicious trade show put on to connect local farmers and food producers with local restaurants. We really enjoyed chatting with people from various restaurants….it’s so great whenever we can talk with others who love good food too! And it was really interesting to see which restaurants in the area are interested in local food and which farmers are interested in selling to restaurants. And we now have a goodRead More