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We’ve just started planting seedlings from the greenhouse out into the fields. So far, we’ve set out peas (sugar snap and snow), lettuce (full size and mini heads), broccoli raab, and bok choys. To prepare our garden beds, we’re using a broadfork to loosen up the soil, then garden rakes to smooth out the surface of the soil. After sticking the plants in the ground, we water them in with diluted fish hydrolysate to reduceRead More
Garlic is one of the favourite items that I use in preparing food: raw, roasted, or sauteed! Going through the supermarket it is hard to find local, let alone organically grown garlic. Most of the supply comes in from China, Mexico or other places from far distances, yet, garlic is well suited to grow right here! There is certainly a demand for locally grown garlic, and most other farmers I know have a hard timeRead More
Spring is such an exciting and hopeful time of year! Our new farm business feels like an emerging seedling right now – so much potential stored up in the seed, finally breaking out and beginning a life of its own. All of our hopes and dreams for this growing season are transforming into physical, day-to-day jobs and responsibilities. It’s a wonderful time of year and an exciting time of our lives.Read More
At this time of year, we have a lot of seeding to do in the greenhouse. Every week, we’ll be adding more and more trays with germinating seeds to the greenhouse benches. This is how we do it: We mix our potting mix in an old bathtub and shovel it into our trays. We cut up old window blinds to make our tray markers (if anyone has any old blinds, we can always use more!).Read More
Brassica seedlings emerging from the soil. One of our neighbours, Ted, a retired draft horse. The pond next to the greenhouse.Read More
This is our new greenhouse which Bryan finished putting up last week with the help of Wayne, Colin and Leland. Our seedling bench will be heated with the outdoor wood furnace. Right now, most of our supplies are being stored in the wood shed next to the greenhouse. The vents were put in yesterday and the heated bench was built yesterday as well. The plumber is here right now so we’ll (hopefully!) be able toRead More