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We wanted to label our seedlings so people could remember what exactly it was they were growing. So, we went to the store and picked up some sticker labels and I (Shannon) hand-wrote each label (!)….which took a very long time. And the labels didn’t look very nice after we watered the plants. However, I’ve been saved from this laborious task by Bryan’s brother-in-law Joey. He works for a very cool company called Sticker You.com.Read More
This past week, we attended a LOCALicious trade show put on to connect local farmers and food producers with local restaurants. We really enjoyed chatting with people from various restaurants….it’s so great whenever we can talk with others who love good food too! And it was really interesting to see which restaurants in the area are interested in local food and which farmers are interested in selling to restaurants. And we now have a goodRead More
This past week, about 15 high school students from The Shambhala School in Halifax came out to the farm for a transplanting party! They helped us put in winter squash, leeks, celeriac, storage cabbages, and brussels sprouts. It was a HUGE help to have so many people transplanting… and covering the squash with row cover was so fast! We planted 1/4 acre in 2 hours! It was awesome! Some of the students had their cameras with themRead More
We have really been enjoying the farmers’ markets so far this season! We started going to the Hubbards Barn market on May 9th and the Lunenburg market on May 19th. Both markets are really well organized and have a great market manager (actually the same market manager, Ashley Marlin). The customers have been so great and interesting to chat with. And all the other vendors are SO supportive of us and share their knowledge andRead More
We recently attended the Middleton Farmers’ Market, last Friday, where they were also hosting a Seedy Friday event. We took along some of our seedlings, and gave a talk on growing great garlic! This coming Saturday (May 7) will be Broadfork Farm’s official first market day at the Hubbards Farmers’ Market.   http://hubbardsbarn.org/Read More
We’ve just started planting seedlings from the greenhouse out into the fields. So far, we’ve set out peas (sugar snap and snow), lettuce (full size and mini heads), broccoli raab, and bok choys. To prepare our garden beds, we’re using a broadfork to loosen up the soil, then garden rakes to smooth out the surface of the soil. After sticking the plants in the ground, we water them in with diluted fish hydrolysate to reduceRead More