Our Namesake – the Broadfork 1



Bryan cut a few thin birch trees from our woodlot this past winter and just made handles for the broadfork we had made last year by a young blacksmith in Peggy’s Cove. We’d been borrowing a broadfork to use last season because we didn’t have the time to make the handles.

We named our farm Broadfork Farm (at our friend Tom’s suggestion) because we appreciate what the broadfork does. It’s an old tool that aerates and breaks up compaction in the soil without destroying the many valuable beings that live in the soil. Our goal is the same.

We also enjoyed the image of a fork (that you eat with) having a broad diversity of foods on it. Diversity is important for human health as well as ecological health (and social health, economic health….) which is the most important thing for us as farmers.

Our friend Rob designed our logo with that idea in mind:

Farm logo

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