Field Trip to Cochrane Family Farm


On Saturday evening, we visited Cochrane Family Farm in Middle Stewiacke, NS.

First we spent the day at the Truro Machinery Auction, then headed over to the Cochrane’s farm where they kindly and generously fed us dinner and gave us a great farm tour!

Their farm is very diversified! They have a diversity of livestock: pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks, lambs, goats, new bee hives, and lots and lots of cats! I’ve always dreamed of having a baby animal farm and theirs is the closest thing I’ve seen to one. We saw baby chicks of various ages, baby lambs, baby goats, and 2 ages of baby kittens (1.5 weeks old and 6 weeks old). So cute! And we saw mama pigs with baby piglets on the way.


They hatch their own chicks, smoke their own meat and homeschool their 4 amazing kids (and have another one on the way)!

They also run a CSA and farm store where they sell Hope Seeds, Speerville Flour and bulk goods, and Purina feed products and animal supplies for local farmers and homesteaders.

barnhoney extractor

They built their own hoop-house for seedlings and early greens, and in the shelter of the old barn foundation they have some amazing looking greens up and ready for harvest.


One of the reasons for the visit was to take some of their baby animals back home with us. We picked up week old chicks (mixed breeds) who are very cute and sweet. We’ve been supplementing their chick starter feed with brassica sprouts, chickweed, and slugs(!). Yummy spring-time food!


We can’t wait for these little ladies to grow up and start laying some eggs!

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