The newest farm addition! 2

Shannon and Bryan on the Kubota tractor

A new arrival to our farm last week was an orange work-horse by the name of Kubota L4150!

Having a tractor this season will help with all the work that starting our farm on a new, uncultivated piece of land will entail. After going through last season, hiring someone to do custom tractor work and doing a lot of bed prep by hand, we’re very happy to have the extra help. We’re hoping to reduce our reliance on the tractor (and gas!) each year as we plant more land to perennials and (hopefully) start working with draft oxen. But we are thrilled with the reliability of this tractor, the efficiencies she/he will improve (are tractors always female like cars? I don’t know…), and the affordable price ($5800 for a 1995, good condition tractor wasn’t too bad).

Now on to prepping our fields…..

Tractor and clothesline

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