Our Last Week at Market in 2020! 1

This week will be our last one selling through the Dieppe Market for the year. It’s our typical last week (usually the last week of October or first week of November) but one difference is that we’re selling through the market’s Virtual Store. We won’t be there in person at the Saturday market.

Orders are placed by customers from Monday at noon until Wednesday at 5 pm. Pick-up happens on Fridays (or it looks like Saturday pick-up is now an option too!).

To get to our collection on the Virtual Market site, click here. Note that outside of the Monday to Wednesday ordering window, items won’t show up.

This is the last week you can order from us – so consider stocking up. Most root crops can last many weeks (if not months) in the fridge.

The last of our garlic will be up on the store (oh, it sold quickly this year!), greens, celery, root crops, herbs, tulip bulbs for planting, herbal tea blends, dried herbs, and raw honey.

In other news, we’ve been working hard to plant all of our garlic. Next up will be all our tulip bulbs and daffodil bulbs for making beautiful spring fresh cut flower bouquets. We’re still finishing up some hedgerow shrub plantings too.

While 2020 has had different challenges (related to safety and marketing, but also with extreme drought and a heat wave), overall we’re coming out of it feeling positive and grateful that our job as local, organic farmers can help support the health of people and the health of our environment. We also have really felt the support of our customers – and that is the best motivator for us there is.

We do apologize for doing a very bad job keeping up with blog posts this year – hopefully we’ll do better over the winter months.

During the winter we’ll be hibernating with lots of paperwork, record-keeping, crop planning, seed ordering, researching, accounting….and cat-cuddling.

We’ll see you next spring!!!

All our love, your farmers, Shannon and Bryan

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