Who is your Farmer?

Moncton farmer

Mission and Goals of the Broadfork Farmers

We want to save the world. Transform the food system. Increase the health of people. Protect all the other species on this planet. Build soil for future generations.

We do this by being farmers. By stewarding the land. By farming organically.

We add nutrients to our soil that are needed for healthy human beings, not just growing plants.

We seek out the coolest, most delicious varieties we can find from many seed sources – this isn’t what you’ll find in any grocery store.

We use our knowledge of cooking, nutrition, and ecology to guide our farm.

We bring our organic vegetables and cutflower bouquets to amazing people who share our values through our stand at the Dieppe Market, local restaurants, and health food stores.


Provide a diversity of vibrant and delicious vegetables and flowers to our community through the Dieppe Market, local restaurants, and health food stores.

Use ecological and health-promoting farming practices which include organic certification, bee-friendly farming, wildlife and biodiversity preservation, nutrient-dense farming, and soil health enhancement.

Maintain a farm scale that is manageable and inspiring for us while creating a fulfilling and viable livelihood.

Contribute to the health and well-being of our community by empowering conscious eaters with sustainable and nourishing food choices and connections to their local food and farm system.

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