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Market Food Club


Hey friends!

We’re getting so close to coming back to market! It’s March now … sometime in April is when we plan to start back at the Dieppe Market for the year. That means…’s time to sign up for our 2018 Market Food Club!

Our Market Food Club is a great way to:

  • support us as your local farmers
  • have the flexibility to choose which vegetables, flowers, herbs, seedlings, and seeds you want and will actually use
  • and to pre-pay (which means you don’t need to bring cash to market)

We are grateful for the relationship-building effect of our Market Food Club. It helps us feel supported, valued, and respected by our community. And for us, that means so much. As a small token of our gratitude, we offer our Market Food Club members a 5% bonus.

Our Definition of Success

We also wanted to share with you what success looks like to us personally. We identified these 5 goals/indicators of success during a Holistic Farm Planning workshop we attended, and as soon as we came up with them, we knew they defined success for us.

  • Health: For our customers, our community, ourselves as farmers, and the other species within and around our farm.


  • Ecology: Of our farm and the world in general. Farms have impact beyond their borders, both above and below ground, through the water table, the air we all share, and the carbon sequestrating potential of plants growing in soil.


  • Wealth: This refers to financial and non-financial forms of wealth or capital (like social capital, natural capital, skills, etc.) Financially it means sufficient wealth to thrive. Our dreams relate to the economy of enough for all – rather than the economy of unlimited growth on a finite planet.


  • Personal Fulfillment: This includes our relationships with others, with each other, the intellectual and citizen scientist aspects of farming, the spiritual connection that includes the interrelatedness of all things, and the physical aspects of being a farmer.


  • Continuous Improvement: With all 5 of our measurements of success, we never feel like we’ve done a perfect job. And that’s exciting! We’re always striving to do better and will for the rest of our lives.

In a marketplace that is increasingly filled with packaged, confusingly labeled and processed food-like things, we take a lot of pride in offering an option that is clean, fair, and healthful, for you, for us, and for our earth. Our ability to continue to offer this option only comes from the amazing support of people like you, committed to changing the food system, and the way we nourish ourselves and our families.

Thanks for being part of our lives!

To sign up or to learn more about joining our 2018 Market Food Club, go to this link: Market Food Club

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