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Food connects us.

The food we eat nourishes each cell of our bodies – that’s what inspires us every day – to grow food with our primary value of Health.

Health for every person who eats our food, health for ourselves, health for every other living creature (from the tiniest microbes in the soil to the eagles who swoop above us), health for the air and water, and all those downstream of us – for many generations down the line. Health for families, communities, and society. We think it all starts with food (and the way it’s grown).

We are 2 farmers (Shannon and Bryan) with strong values for the food we produce and the farm ecosystem we manage. Please click on these links to read about what it means for us to grow organic vegetables, how we manage the farm, and who we are as farmers.


To us, there is nothing more special than knowing the people who we feed. Each year, we adjust what we grow based on our customers. This relationship makes us better farmers each year and increases the likelihood of us following our dream – to keep doing this until we’re too old to keep going.

Membership in our Market Food Club is the ultimate expression of that relationship. To get all the details about joining, go to our Market Food Club page.


Our Market Food Club is a unique type of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program known as a Buy-Down or Credit Style CSA.


It’s a way for you to buy food that builds your health, your connection to the environment, and your relationship with the people who grow your food.

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  • Our Market Food Club members buy directly us, Shannon and Bryan, the farmers at Broadfork Farm. There is no middleman.


  • Our farm provides member families with high quality, healthy, nutrient-dense, fresh, local and low fossil-fuel vegetables, herbs, melons, cut flowers, garden seedlings and some seeds – we’re sharing all of the products we grow – things we believe are truly special.


  • Farm members commit to the Market Food Club – even though each year and season are different. What’s not different is that we are always working to do the best for our members.


  • The way we farm nurtures biodiversity, adapts to the rhythm of the seasons, respects the natural environment, builds healthy soils, restores soil carbon, conserves water and minimizes pollution of soil, air and water.


  • Our members are our co-producers. We are all in this together. We work hard to build this farm around our shared values and they keep us going through their support and cheerleading.


  • Farm members respect the connection with the land on which we grow their food and they come to learn, with each passing season, more about the nature of growing food in this region.


  • As your farmers, we practice safe-handling practices to ensure that the produce is safe to eat and at its freshest, tastiest, and most nutritious.


  • Our prices reflect a fair balance between our needs as farmers to cover costs of production and pay ourselves a living wage to live the simple life we enjoy, and our members’ needs for food that is accessible and affordable while adhering to their values.


  • As farmers, we take our members’ preferences into account when deciding what crops to grow and communicate regularly about the realities of the farm.


  • We commit to using locally adapted seeds and breeds to the greatest extent possible (and even growing some ourselves!).


Thanks for taking the time to read this. We hope it gets you as excited for the main harvest season as we are! You’re very welcome to share this page or the photos on it with your friends, your neighbours, or your social media community.


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