The Farm

Our farm is 15 acres and includes streams, Riparian areas, & wooded areas for wildlife habitat.

We grow annual crops like vegetables, herbs, melons, and cut flowers on 1.5-2 acres each year. On another 2-3 acres, we grow soil-building cover crops and green manures like oats, rye, clover, and field peas.


We save seeds.

We do this because plants adapt each year and we want plants to be able to adapt to our farm. This means adapting to our particular soil types, our particular climate, the particular way we manage our crops as farmers, and the particular qualities our customer like. Learn more about our seed-growing on our blog, with posts like: Farm-Raised Seeds, Organic Seed Growers Conference, and Saving Those Seeds.


We raise khaki campbell ducks for eggs

We love having birds on our farm. And we love eating eggs. The ducks have been a great fit for us so far. You can read more about our ducks in our blog posts, like Learning to Raise Ducks Organically, I Think our Ducks Hate Me, and The Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day.


We are a Bee-Friendly Farm

Bees and other pollinators are so important for our food system! We work so that our farm can provide a home and food & water sources for these hard workers. We never spray any pesticides (including organic-approved ones). Bees need flowers that are blooming for as much of the year as possible and so we’re always looking to make sure each season has plentiful blooms. Dandelions are beautiful on this farm! Read our blog post on Bee-Friendly Farming.


We live on this farm with some pretty cool cats

We’re not sure what life on our farm would look like without the great felines we co-habitate with. But it certainly would be less awesome. If you’re a fan of cats, check out these guys.