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Spring is here and we can feel it!

Regardless of the temperature outside or whether there is snow on the ground, spring to us feels like:

  • starting seeds in the greenhouse
  • trying to tie up all the URGENT and IMPORTANT items that were on our Winter To-Do List (some of the items were actually just dreams….)
  • counting down the days until we return to the Dieppe Market (and hoping the weather will shine on us to bring that date sooner)
  • encouraging our bodies to get out of “office mode”
  • encouraging our cat Kubota to get out of “office mode” (somehow our cats Yuki and Kevin naturally want to spend more time outside, why not Kubota?)

unheated tunnel

Our unheated tunnel is fully planted with greens that we’ll be harvesting next month.

spring flowers

While the majority of our tulip bulbs were planted out in the field, we stuck a few hundred bulbs in the high tunnel and they’re growing quickly!

overwintered carrots

Last year, we grew a variety of carrot, Nash’s Rhumba, specifically for producing seed. We brought them out of storage to see how they did and they stored great (and taste so good!). We’ll be re-planting these roots in the field where they’ll send up a flower stalk which will then become a seed head. Since we also grow a variety of carrot just for the flower heads (so beautiful in bouquets!), we need to be especially careful that they can’t cross-pollinate with each other.

high tunnel flowers

In the back end of our high tunnel, we’ve got a small section of perennial Dephinium flowers that seem to do so much better for us when they’re under a tunnel (as opposed to outdoors). They’re taking off quickly and I can’t wait til they start blooming….they’re one of my favourites.

greenhouse seeding

Our greenhouse seeding continues….with more and more seedlings adding to the life on our heated benches each week.

Bryan brought in a bunch of apple stems earlier in the month while Shannon was away for some national Organic meetings in Ottawa, they’ve just started flowering….we can’t wait to see the apple trees fully in bloom!

flowering trees





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