The View from the Farm


Well, despite the less-than-ideal weather this spring: wet fields even with our well-draining soils, cool nights and frost (some of our early/risky planting of summer squash was hit but that’s just part of the game…we were lucky last year), things are still growing. In the picture above, you can see the cover crop “cocktail” from last fall (that just means a mix of crops rather than just one or 2) which included rye and is now only rye and looks good.

Lettuce on clear Bio360

This year, we’re trying out some of the clear Bio360 (biodegradeable plastic mulch). It breaks down faster than the black Bio360 so we’re using it for succession crops. We’ll be laying it for field cucumbers soon and we’re trying it with head lettuce, dandelion greens, and green onions. We’ll probably use it for our next succession of summer squash too.

Salanova lettuce

These lettuces were started in April. Some of them were planted into the greenhouse and have long since been harvested and eaten (well, sold…hopefully eaten by now). But they’re just taking their sweet time out in the field under their row cover. But they’re doing well. At least that’s what I tell them. Motivational speeches and such.

Winter Density lettuceGreen Salanova lettuce

After too many weeks of not having radishes at our market stand, we’ll have them again. That makes me happy. They’re so pretty. They’re like the jewels of the vegetable world.Radish

Here are the shadow-y figures of Bryan and I. Walking back from the “secret garden” fields after a day of transplanting, insect netting, bed prep, and rebar pounding.

Bryan and Shannon

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