Planted ginger

Well, we finally felt confident enough with the nightly lows to put our precious ginger into its caterpillar tunnel which had been reserved and ready for quite some time.

Transporting ginger

Here we are transporting it to its new home. Out in the big world. Away from the sheltered space of its formative young life…

Ginger with tall shootsGinger just sprouting

As you can see from these 2 pictures, some of the ginger shoots had grown quite tall. While others were just starting to sprout.

Ginger trenchDrip TapeWorm castings

First, we made a trench. Then we laid down a line of drip tape in the trench. I don’t know if anyone else has done this or if it will be useful. We just did it because we were worried about the need to not overwater early on but then water it more as it gets bigger. We don’t want any seed pieces to rot. While we were sprouting it, we basically didn’t water it after our initial “misting period” which we lost patience with pretty quickly and so we just stopped watering it. And it grew pretty well. And the dryness of the potting mix made it easier to seperate the pieces from each other whose roots had intermingled.
Then we put earthworm castings in the bottom of the trench because we just got some and are excited about using it and hope that the ginger loves it and that it reduces any potential diseases.

A ginger planting gingerDrip tape lines

We then planted the ginger. We played around a bit with the spacing, depending on the size of seed piece mostly. Anywhere from 5” to 12” approximately. And we stuck 2 lines of drip tape on the surface of the soil. These drip lines will get buried after our first hilling. And, because I want them to be so happy, I watered them in lightly with fish and kelp.
If you’ve planted ginger too, what have you done differently?

Here’s our other sweet little ginger:

Kubota, our ginger cat

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