The Eastern Alternative

Warren Robertson

Last month, an awesome guy named Warren came out to the farm to interview us and take shots for this really cool TV show he makes called The Eastern Alternative.

The show is all about people living in Atlantic Canada and why they stay here rather than leave. In Warren’s own words,

“Every other day you hear or read another depressing article about the Atlantic Provinces and the out migration of people in search of economic opportunity. Well, this show’s purpose is to tell the stories of the people that are here, why they’re here and what they are doing to make it work.

It is my belief that the people that are here, are here for good reason. These shows are my efforts to try and change the conversation and celebrate what these great provinces have to offer.”

Well, the episode is now out and Warren did a great job making our farm look good and editing out any stammers or stumbles as we rambled on about our farm.

I always love seeing shots from above and Warren took some great ones with the drone he brought along. You can also see me herding our ducks!

Check it out by clicking here. And then watch all the other great shows he’s made!

And here is a beautiful shot of our greenhouse that Warren took and posted on The Eastern Alternative facebook page, which I highly recommend you follow to keep up to date on each new episode as it comes out.


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