2022 Organic Plant Sales

We’re looking forward to this year’s annual Organic Plant Sale at La Bikery in Moncton, happening on Sunday, June 5th from 10 am to Noon.

It’s always fun to see people and talk about garden plans and tips!

We’ll also still have seedlings (and seeds) for sale at the Dieppe Market over the next few Saturdays.

And, on Sunday June 12th, we’ll be selling seeds off the farm (3630 Boars back Rd., River Hebert) between Noon and 2 pm.

What kinds of plants do we have?

So many different sizes and colours of tomatoes! Cherries, Medium, Big slicers…

Ground Cherries and Incan Berries (aka Goldenberries): They are related but have a few differences. The Incan berry fruit are larger and have a sweet and sour flavour, where the Ground Cherries are sweet and smaller. The Incan berry plant grows tall and stands upright, where the Ground Cherry tends to flop. The Ground Cherry fruits fall off and the Inca berry fruits remain attached to the plant until you pick them. The Ground cherries mature fruit earlier, the Incan berries don’t ripen until the fall. We like having both, because we prefer the Incan berry flavour, but we like the earliness of the Ground Cherry.

Celery (grown from the seed we produced on farm last year! So more regionally adapted)



Swamp Milkweed (for beauty, pollinators, and especially the Monarch butterflies whose caterpillars only eat this)

California Poppy


Greek Oregano

Sweet Annie artemesia (Artemesia annua)

And more!!!

Oh, and don’t forget that we have gardening resources here on our website! Click here to read them.

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