Spring Veggies

Spring Vegetables

Well, we’re off to the Dieppe Market tomorrow for our first week back at market for the season. Despite the snow (!) yesterday and the chilly wind today, we had a pleasant time harvesting inside the high tunnel.

We’ve got French Breakfast type of radishes (the variety is new to us this year…it’s called Patricia and we bought it from William Dam Seeds), round red radishes (Rover), and a sparkler type (white-tipped) called Fakir (also new to us this year…from Johnnys).

We’re bringing some of our favourite Asian greens: Tokyo Bekana, Yokatta-na, Red Mustard, Red Rain Mizuna, Kyota Mizuna, Vitamin Green, Pink Petiole Mix, and Purple Rapa-pop.

And a whole bunch of spinach that we overwintered in the tunnel (planted last October) that is super sweet and very beautiful!

We’ll also be bringing some rainbow carrots, kossak kohlrabi, watermelon radishes, hakurei turnips and rutabaga.

Here are some of the knives we use for harvesting:

Harvest Knives

Our attempts at being more organized this year included buying a bunch of these magnetic knife racks and putting them around the farm in easy to locate places.

Well, it’s almost time for bed! We need to leave the farm before 5 am to get to the market and have time to set up before the market starts at 7 am.

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