First Field Planting of the Season! 3

Salanova lettuces

Today, we did our first planting of the season out into the field! Yahoo!

But, the fields are still too wet to get our tractor on without damaging the soil. Luckily, we still had black plastic down over the beds that held last year’s tomatoes and peppers (under the caterpillar tunnels). We had taken the tunnels down but left the black plastic. That allowed the soil underneath to remain a bit drier and warm up faster. And, when we pulled the plastic off, we had some nice weed-free beds with tons of earthworm activity!

We also happened to have some lettuce and beet greens that were just desperate to spread their legs.

So, we forked the beds, smoothed them down with a rake, stuck lettuce and beet greens in one bed, direct-seeded some sugar snap peas in another bed, and still have a few more beds to uncover and plant into.


In other news, this coming Saturday (April the 26th) will be our first week back to the Dieppe Market for the season! We’ll be inside rather than our regular outdoor spot (since it’s still not reliably warm out plus there’s lots of space indoors this early in the season).

We’ll be bringing greens from our greenhouse and overwintered crops.

We can’t wait to see you!

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3 thoughts on “First Field Planting of the Season!

  • Lola

    Hi! I found your blog while searching for farmers in Nova Scotia. My husband and I moved to the Annapolis Valley in 2010 with our four kids and after looking around for a long time, we’ve bought an old farmhouse on 50 acres. Right now we are just farming to feed ourselves but we are really hoping to start farming organically full time. Your website is a great inspiration and resource! Thank you!

    • broadforkfarm Post author

      Thank you so much Lola! I love the pictures on your website! Such beautiful photography! It sounds like you guys have your hands full. If you’re ever able to make it out this way, we’d love to have you over!