Snow Day!


The big snowfall was pretty exciting! We think our view looks kind of like a postcard picture and the snow fall changes the postcard completely. Now, everywhere we look, we see a winter-y paradise.

HouseBryan out back

We’ve built a composting toilet on the back of the house so we don’t use up our great spring-fed well water on flushing AND the humanure will provide great nutrients to our fruit and nut trees.

Triangulationfield measurements

Two of our friends, Xander and Lola Jean have been staying with us and helping us out. They both spent this past season interning on farms. Xander interned at Tourne-Sol Farm in Quebec and Lola Jean was interning at Highland Farm/Motheroak Permaculture near Windsor, NS. Lola Jean has been measuring out our farm with measuring tape and compass to create a map that we can use to make a permaculture design of our farm.

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