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Photo taken by Owen Bridge of Annapolis Seeds

Photo taken by Owen Bridge of Annapolis Seeds


We are organic farmers because we want to save the world!

We want to make sure that our life’s work is the best way we know how (always learning and changing…) to create healthy ecosystems and a healthy food source.

When neighbourhood children bicycle past, we want to make sure the air is healthy for them to breathe.

We want to make sure the River Hebert, where our ground water and stream water is ending up, isn’t polluted because of our farming practices.

We want people to be able to eat the most nutritious part of the fruits and veggies we grow (the skin!).

And we want people to be able to hold and sniff the flowers we sell them, knowing they are safe and free from chemicals.

So, yeah, we want to celebrate Organic Week!

When’s Organic Week? September 21st to 28th.

What’s Organic Week? Get the full scoop here.

What are we doing during Organic Week?

On Monday evening, we’ll be giving a virtual farm tour at Sequoia. Check out our facebook event at Sequoia here.

On Wednesday evening, we’ll be at Corn Crib Natural Foods sharing more about why we became organic farmers.

Come visit us at the Dieppe Market during the 2 Saturdays within Organic Week!

Read ACORN’s blog post about us and the Organic Week event at Sequoia here.

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One thought on “Celebrating Organic Agriculture

  • Lyndsay with Black Earth

    Hooray for organic! Organic farming keeps soil safe for our children to grow their own food without damaging the earth and crop yields and enjoy beautifully grown flowers without damaging waterways.