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Hi! We’re Shannon and Bryan, farmers at Broadfork Farm

The farmers at Broadfork Farm

We believe in the power of local farms and organic food to make the world a better place. Our small farm is in the small village of River Hebert and we attend the Dieppe Market in Dieppe, NB.

We both work full-time on the farm. It’s just us. We’re a 2-person operation.

Plants are definitely our thing. We LOVE (which is why we grow) vegetables (especially unique ones), beautiful specialty cut flowers, nourishing and flavourful herbs, and saving seed from these crops.

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“I’m Shannon. I decided to become a farmer after studying nutrition. growing the healthiest food I could became the way i could best help others eat better. I learned to farm by traveling the world – Working on farms in the U.S., Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, India, and Canada. Each of these experiences has influenced our farm in different ways. I’m passionate about human health, soil health, and biodiversity.

I started off with an interest in medicinal plants and food as medicine. Since then, my interests have expanded with seed-saving, on-farm plant breeding, and cut-flowers.

I also like to share what’s happening on our farm. I take lots of pictures during the season and write about the things that we’re doing, thinking, and talking about in our day-to-day work.”


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“My name’s Bryan. During university, I spent a summer apprenticing on an organic ( actually biodynamic) farm….then never stopped. I loved the complexity of farming and learning to work within the laws of nature. Working with my hands – building things, tending plants and animals, and caring for the soil – is the ideal job for me….despite the many curveballs thrown at us as farmers.

I love getting up early when everthing’s quiet and peaceful. I love good food and trying out new varieties, but i also love growing good food for the soil and all the organisms that live there. Cover crops and green manures are really fun for me – and really benefit the health of our farm.”



Broadfork Farmers at fossil cliffs


Neither of us grew up on a farm. We met while working on neighbouring farms. We shared a love of farming, cooking, and eating (our first dates were to specialty cheese shops!). When we started our own farm, the east coast drew us – the ocean, forests, and small communities.  We started Broadfork Farm in 2011. With each season, our stewardship of this farm improves. We hope to be doing this for the rest of our lives.

We’re both really open to new ideas and love learning from other farmers. Whether it’s a farm conference, on-farm workshops, books, podcasts, or farmer-to-farmer phone calls, we love feeling part of community.

We also both volunteer with various farming organizations – it can feel like a burden to our to-do list sometimes, but ultimately we get a lot of benefit and sense of solidarity with other farmers by contributing to these boards and committees.

Broadfork Farmers at Market

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Why we Farm

Start with Why


What we do

We are young farmers passionate about health: for this planet, for our soil, for the eaters of the food we produce and our fellow species on earth.

After getting years of experience by working on other farms, we started Broadfork Farm in 2011.

We produce delicious, organic vegetables and gorgeous cut flowers for people who love experiencing our region’s seasonal gifts.

Through our weekly stall at the Dieppe Market, our Market Food Club, and regular deliveries to some of the best restaurants around, we share the bounty from our soil. Just the nourishment your body craves!

Our sweet little farm, beautiful produce, and our story of becoming 1st generation farmers have been featured on the French travel show Taste Hunters, the international magazine pebble, local show The Eastern Alternative, and the Farmer to Farmer podcast, among others.

And when we’re not farming, you might find us indulging in melon smoothies, a cat cuddle, or hanging out at our local library.

 How we started our farm


Thanks for checking out our website! We hope you learn something new.

your farmers, Shannon and Bryan


Broadfork farmers with flower bouquets