Taste Hunters from France: what did they see in Canada?

Taste Hunters crew

In late August last year, 5 cool guys from Paris, France showed up on our farm to create a travel food episode for their TV show Taste Hunters. The show was hosted by young chef Benjamin Darnaud (with other episodes hosted by chef Jerome Bigot). They have been travelling around the world looking for “Food Rebels” and good food!

While in Canada, they visited our farm as well as Ferme Tournesol in Quebec.

They brought a whole bunch of interesting high tech equipment like cameras, a sound mixing system and this drone below which takes shots from above. It’s like a little helicopter, it has 6 spinners, and it sounds like a swarm of bees when it’s flying through the sky.

I took a picture of it while it was resting on our dining room table.

Taste Hunters drone

Benjamin and Bryan made our lunch on the first day. It was amazing! Here are some pictures.

Roasted vegetables

There is spelt linguini underneath this mountain of vegetables: roasted Hakurei turnips with thyme, summer squash, Romano and Dragon’s Tongue beans, and garlic.

The sauce was made by grating a raw tomato and mixing it up with a grated onion and basil.

Tomato and cucumber salad

This is quartered fresh tomatoes with cucumber and hot pepper, and then topped with freshly chopped Italian basil and shiso.

The lunch was simple and spontaneous and delicious.

In the afternoon, while the film crew was taking pictures around the farm, Benjamin helped us harvest, wash and bunch rainbow carrots. Here’s a picture of Benjamin and Bryan bunching.

Carrot bunching

The episode recently aired in France but unfortunately, I don’t think it’s possible to watch it now in its entirety (perhaps you can if you subscribe to international channels). The show was aired by the french network Ushuaia TV.

Below, I’ve copied 2 short clips from the episode for you to watch (you must be logged into facebook to see it…sorry about that, I couldn’t figure out any other way). It’s all in french (our voices are dubbed over) but the videography is still beautiful for those of you who don’t understand french.

Here is a link to a conversation from their visit with us that they wrote out and posted on their website (also in french). And below are some of the pictures the crew took while at our farm (see more on their Instagram page):

Taste Hunters photo

Taste Hunters photo

Taste Hunters photo

Taste Hunters photo

We want to soil to be happy.

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