The Seeds Are Here! 1

We took a short trek down to William Dam seeds in Dundas yesterday and picked up the last of our seeds! William Dam Seeds offers high quality untreated seeds, carrying more and more certified organic seed each year. It was exciting to see racks and racks of seeds, acres of plants just waiting to be unleashed! There is just over one short week before we will be packing up all of our things, and heading eastward from Ontario to arrive at Windhorse Farm, New Germany NS, where will be growing veggies this coming season. Leeks, onions, celery, celeriac, and some of the hardier herbs will be started indoors really soon; we can’t wait to see the seeds sprouting up in the trays!

One thought on “The Seeds Are Here!

  • Kai

    It’s definitely exciting when growing season is just around the corner. I love starting seedlings indoors. In my windowsill right now I have chickpeas, kidney beans, catnip, lemon balm, mungbeans, chamomille, and a few other weeds that started to grow in the unused pots, but I decided to keep them anyway–if not just for a present surprise 😉

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