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Well, this coming Saturday will be the last one for us at the Dieppe Market this year…we’ll be back in April. And we wanted to say Thank you!

This has been a really great year for us, and as always, it has so much to do with our amazing and loyal customers at the Dieppe Market. We feel super lucky to be able to see you at the market – our whole schedule from April to November is built around Saturdays at the Dieppe Market.

We learn so much from our customers – your priorities, what you value, your life, recipes you’ve enjoyed – it really brings so much richness to our life.

Our customers keep us motivated to always be improving and to think long-term. We hope to be bringing our farm products to the Dieppe Market until we’re among the eldest farmers at the market. And to be feeding the babies of the babies we’re helping to feed now.

Health is our big picture vision:

Health of our customers for the long term, high nutrition in our veggies, a healthy ecosystem which enhances the health of watercourses and air quality, healthy soil which can sustain generations of humans and other species too, and health which brings happiness.


We’ve already started planning…and planting (biennial flowers, tulips, garlic, overwintering carrots)…..for next year. We’re excited to make each year better than the one before.

There’s always some farming conferences and workshops we attend, as well as less formal get-togethers with other farmers to share ideas, tips, and tricks. We often like to share these experiences on our blog so stay tuned over the winter…often we write more blog posts over the winter than we do from spring to fall!


We absolutely love being your farmers – thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support!


Broadfork Farmers, Shannon and Bryan

young farmers

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