Seeding 1

At this time of year, we have a lot of seeding to do in the greenhouse. Every week, we’ll be adding more and more trays with germinating seeds to the greenhouse benches. This is how we do it:

We mix our potting mix in an old bathtub and shovel it into our trays.

We cut up old window blinds to make our tray markers (if anyone has any old blinds, we can always use more!).

Once the trays have been seeded, we water them and stick them on the bench. Often, depending on the type of seed, we’ll stack the trays on top of each other while they germinate to save on space and retain the moisture.

These are some of our greenhouse seeding tools. We keep our seeds in plastic containers to prevent them from getting damp while they’re out in the greenhouse. For some smaller seeds, we use the Seedmaster II from Lee Valley to help us get the right amount of seeds into each cell. And we keep a plastic zip-up binder in the greenhouse for recording all of our important greenhouse notes.

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