Seasonal Snapshot: January 2016 6

winter greens

We planted our high tunnel full of greens for early-spring markets. We’ve been enjoying some in our winter salads and are excited for the full harvests when we’ll have enough to share with our wonderful customers!


We’ve been seeing lots of pheasants (as well as other birds) around the farm lately. These guys are enjoying the fallen apples that were leftover before it snowed.

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6 thoughts on “Seasonal Snapshot: January 2016

  • Ola

    Oh hoy from Norway!

    Guess we grow in similar climatic conditions. Wondered if the ground freezes solid in your tunnels, and if so how this might affect growth? Heard somewhere else that overwintering works best (if at all) as long as the ground doesn’t freeze completely….

    And when aprox do you plant and when do you expect to begin harvesting?

    Thanks for your help and keep up the good work!

    • broadforkfarm Post author

      In previous years the ground has frozen, but we didn’t have greens planted in there in late fall, so there were no layers of row cover to help keep the soil temperature up. We have had a recent cold snap that has frozen the very top of the soil in some parts, but I expect with a couple of clear sunny, milder days it should thaw out again. Our tunnel is oriented north-south due to topography of the site, and if we were able to have it running east-west with one long side gathering that sun exposure I suspect it would make quite a difference in keeping the soil temp a bit higher. We planted our greens in there in late October and into November, from transplants started in September. We’ve only harvested a little bit right now, but it should really start coming on later in February and March. Happy Planting!

  • Sandi

    Good Thursday Morning!
    I have a major hankering for eggplant…looked in Atlantic Superstore in Moncton yesterday but unfortunately, every eggplant was conventionally grown and from Mexico. I haven’t tried Sobey’s yet. Would you be selling any of your eggplants in any markets in the Moncton / Sackville area or anywhere else? Do you run a retail market anywhere else during the winter months? Or do you know anywhere else I might be able to find some? I will try calling around today as well. Thank you!

    • broadforkfarm Post author

      Hey Sandi,

      Thanks for asking. We only grow eggplant in the summer. I don’t know anyone doing winter greenhouse production of eggplant locally but if I hear of anyone, I’ll let you know. Eggplant are one of my favourite vegetables too….we have lots of beautiful ones planned for this season and we’ll have them at the Dieppe Market. See you then! Shannon (and Bryan)