Seasonal Snapshot: August 2015

Orange Honey honeydew melon Dieppe Market

The melons have been ripening during August and we’ll have lots of delicious fruit for the market in September. This year, the majority of our melons were planted under a caterpillar tunnel and we’re really happy with the quality (and flavour) compared to other years. Overall, we’ve found the abundance on the farm this season to be wonderful and sometimes overwhelming with just the two of us. But we are feeling a lot of gratitude for that abundance, as well as the abundance of kindness and thankfulness of our wonderful customers. We couldn’t be luckier to feed such amazing people!

heirloom tomatoes Sunflower

Our tomatoes got off to a later start this year than in the past few years due to the cold nights we experienced earlier this season but they are really pumping them out now….over 50 varieties of them, both heirloom types and newly-bred/future heirlooms. There are also always a few hybrid varieties that we love for their flavour, disease resistance, reliability.

overwintering onions summer squash

Once again, we’ll try to overwinter Bridger onions which we seeded at the beginning of the month. They’ve been growing in the greenhouse all month and we’ll be planting them outside soon. Onions have never been our strongest crop since we moved to this farm but we keep on growing some and getting better each year. The summer squash (well, all cucurbits actually), on the other hand, has always been one of our farm’s favourite crops to produce and so we make sure to grow as many cool varieties as we can find. This year, the pattypan types have been more popular than ever with both home cooks and restaurant chefs.

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