Returning to the Dieppe Market this Weekend!

green kale

We’re back at the Dieppe Market, starting this coming Saturday (April 22nd)!

Our fields are still drying out but we have crops from the unheated tunnels. Beautiful baby kale, brightly coloured Asian greens, arugula, and the earliest tulips we’ve ever grown! We’ll also start bringing some of the seeds we’ve saved for folks to plant out in their home gardens (the veggies that can be planted out at this time of year). And we have delicious winter carrots!

spring flowers

We never seem to have enough to fulfill the demand this early in the season, so I’d recommend getting to the market earlier rather than later (the Dieppe Market runs from 7 am to 1:30 pm).

We can’t wait to see you! (Well, Bryan will actually get to see you….Shannon needs to stay home at this time of year to make sure the seedlings don’t die…they need to be watered multiple times during the day. But still, Shannon can’t wait to see you….in a month or 2 when she starts coming to market with Bryan).

young farmers

Old picture we just found from 2011…our first year starting Broadfork Farm.

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