Our farm looks awesome in the winter!

Farm Family

This is the “Holiday” photo we took. I know it looks crazy professional (ha!) but, in reality, our little camera was just sitting on a bucket with the timer setting on. It was a very windy day and when I went inside to upload it to the computer, it was not a straight photo. It looked like we sitting on a barn that had one side sinking down into the ground. However, luckily computers are magical and it all got straightened out. This was our very first ever “family holiday photo”! We were hoping all the chickens would be with us as well as our other cat Yuki, but none of them felt camera-ready at that moment.


I love how the farm looks after it has snowed. The trees look amazing and all the stuff that we didn’t put away is nicely erased. Our tractor is covered with clear plastic as well as a tarp since we don’t have an equipment storing facility. Though we hope to one day have one. Hopefully, that one day happens before next winter.

Hens saying "No, I think I'll stay inside thanks!" Winter Spinach

Our chickens no longer live in their chicken tractors but in a large space in our barn. The caterpillar tunnels were cleared of their summer residents (tomatoes, peppers, egglant, melons) and the hard-core winter ones (spinach) are holding down the fort. Whenever we get a heavy snow fall, we need to clear the tops of the tunnels, but otherwise they have been pretty laid-back structures. We like laid-back structures.

Wintery scene

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