Organic Breakfast Challenge 1

Awakening Tea from The Algonquin Tea Co.

Organic Week is coming up (Oct.15-22) and they want to know what healthy, organic goodies folks are eating for breakfast. So I thought I’d show take some photos while I broke my fast one morning.

Starting off with Algonquin Tea Company‘s Awakening Tea. I love this tea so much. I also love this company so much. Algonquin Tea Co. was the first farm I ever worked at. That was 9 years ago! I had just finished my diplomas in Holistic Nutrition and wanted to study herbalism. But not in a classroom. So, I did an herbal apprenticeship with Steven Martyn at Algonquin Tea and my life has never been the same! So, I know first-hand how much care and respect for the earth and intention for the health of humans goes into these teas.

Fresh applesHoney from our beesOats

Then, I made myself some oatmeal with some Speerville oats, freshly-picked apples, and honey from our own hive.

The only breakfast that could have been better is if Bryan had made omelettes…..he makes the best omelettes ever… of his secrets is mixing honey with the eggs. So good!

I encourage everyone to check out Organic Week for events happening in their area (we’re doing a Seed Saving workshop) and the Organic Breakfast Challenge on facebook.



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  • Melissa

    Hi there. I’m Melissa from Food Bloggers of Canada and just wanted to pop by and check out your blog and let you know we’ve added you to our member directory. It’s great to see more East Coast faces joining in! Welcome aboard 🙂