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Spring Lettuce Planting

It was so warm and sunny and perfect in the tunnel today! We had some lettuce that just needed to be planted so we prepared an area and stuck them in. We’re trying to reorganize a bit…last year we used the whole front section of this tunnel for seedlings. Now we’re going to need to use the edges a bit more efficiently. It’s going to be a bit tighter in here, but hopefully it will all work out.

Lettuce seedling

We had lots to pot up too. Because of the cold weather this year, we needed the heated bench for more seedlings this year (many cool-tolerant crops get moved off the heated bench after germination). So, we started many seeds quite intensively in open flats. Here are a whole bunch of kale seedlings in a strip tray.

Kale babes

We’ve started a lot more flower seedlings than last year too. Here I am potting up some ‘New Look’ Dusty Miller from an open flat to 72-cell trays. I’m so excited to see them in the field!

Potting up Dusty Miller

These beet greens want to go out asap! Last year, they were transplanted to the high tunnel but I don’t think there will be room this year. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get the caterpillar tunnels up soon!

Beet Greens

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