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We have some awesome and inspiring folks apprenticing at Broadfork Farm this year! It’s always fun for us to have others out at the farm, working and learning with us. Basically, this is the way we make friends. Having people out to the farm (as well as attending the farmers’ market) is our social life. Otherwise, we don’t get out much.

Everyone who has helped out on our farm and is helping out on our farm have become our fellow co-creators of Broadfork Farm. Everything you see on the farm has a story of cool people behind it, making it happen. The people who worked at Broadfork Farm last year will always be a part of the story of the first season of Broadfork Farm in River Hebert. The folks working here this year will forever be the co-creators of this second year – which will have its own successes and failures, dreams and memories.

How does our apprenticeship work? It’s a part-time gig and no one lives on the farm. Jim, who is part of ACORN’s Grow a Farmer program spends Mondays with us for an educational day and returns for full work days on Thursdays and Fridays. Jody and Steve come out every Thursday for a hands-on workday.

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to the 2013 team!



My name is Jim Yorke and I am an apprentice at Broadfork Farm through ACORN’s Grow a Farmer program. I have lived and worked most of my life in Maine, however, I now share my time between Tyngsboro, Massachusetts and Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. Until recently, I had worked as a Financial Analyst for a large insurance company in Portland, Maine but am now interested in learning about organic farming. I own a home located just outside of Parrsboro, Nova Scotia and hope to be able to start my own organic farm there sometime soon. I have many interests, but one that stands out is just being outdoors and enjoying nature. I also enjoy skiing, mountain biking and sea kayaking.


My name is Jody. I am a 31 year old woman with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. For the past decade I have focused primarily on my art practice but have become increasingly preoccupied with issues of peak everything and food sovereignty/security. This preoccupation has led me and my better half (Steve) to purchase a 3 acre lot in rural Nova Scotia and learn as much as we can about homesteading, which is a challenging course for us, no doubt. We run a small design business out of our home for income and I also work in a cafe. With us are two dogs, a cat and a small flock of chickens; we dream of goats.


My name is Steve. I’m also a Bachelors of Fine-Arts Graduate from NSCAD University. Over the past few years I have worked in various cities as an Artist, Designer and Musician. Through the last couple of years, acting primarily as a consumer, I began to become more and more interested in sustainable practices and self-sufficiency. As of 2012, I have been living in rural Nova Scotia with my partner Jody, where we are experimenting with homesteading, permaculture and electronic music.


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2 thoughts on “Meet the Apprentice Farmers!

  • Earle & Sue McNairn

    We are your neighbours across the River & so enjoyed reading about your 2013 “helpers”. We keep tabs on your work through Dara & Lois Wilson & plan to drop in to see your enterprise. Continued good luck & welcome to River Hebert

    • broadforkfarm Post author

      Thank you so much Earle and Sue! We are so grateful for this incredibly supportive community. We would love to show you around anytime!