Last Weekend at the Dieppe Market 1

Frosty morning

Ths coming Saturday will be our last weekend at the Dieppe Market for the 2019 season.

It has been a good year for us – and our amazing customers have contributed so much to that success. Thank you so much for your support, friendship, kind words, smiles, feedback, and passion for health and good food!

Frosty Calendula

In addition to all the nutritious veggies, the flower bouquets have also given us great pleasure this year. Every year since we started, we’ve grown more and more flowers while our customers for flowers has also grown. I’m amazed and inspired by how many people who wouldn’t have described themselves as frequent flower buyers from grocery stores have loved buying our seasonal flower bouquets.

They are a reflection of the changing seasons on our farm, as much as the veggies are, and help bring our customers a stronger connection to the ecology and seasons of the farm.

Frosty dragonfly

This is a photo from a recent frosty morning – with a frost-covered dragonfly (that was sadly no longer living though I’m sure it had a great life!).

I really love insects! They may be one of my favourite aspects of working with ecology.

Newly emerged Monarch butterfly

This Monarch butterfly just emerged from its chrysalis this week – and it happened in our house! It came in on firewood and was not noticed but thankfully not damaged. I hope that its journey down south will be a success.

No-till Growers Podcast

Another cool thing that happened this week:

The recent episode of our current favourite farming podcast No-Till Growers features us!

Farming organically without tillage has been something we’ve been working towards for a number of years now. Most no-till farming is not at all organic – it uses herbicides like Roundup to kill off plant life. That is definitely not what we’re up to.

I’ll admit, we are shy speakers – whether at events or on podcasts, but getting to speak about something we care so deeply about with people who also care so deeply helps get us over that shyness (a bit) and is a great privilege and honour.

I very much hope you enjoy it! Head to the website here to listen.

We listen to this podcast mostly while we’re on our wash station getting ready for the farmers’ market and we always dance to the theme song.


We’re looking forward to a winter spent planning for an awesome 2020 season!

But first, we’re actually still planting right now. We got all the garlic in (thanks SO MUCH to everyone who came out to help us plant it at this year’s garlic planting party!), and we’re almost finished planting the onions we’re overwintering. We still need to get all the tulips in. And we’ve finished planting greens, carrots, and green onions for overwintering.

See you on Saturday,

your farmers, Shannon and Bryan

Regenerative Farmers

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One thought on “Last Weekend at the Dieppe Market

  • Mary

    Those photos are just beautiful. I am very interested in overwintering carrots. We have a small greenhouse. Would there be carrots in the spring when overwintered?