How to Help your Fresh Flowers Last Longer

  • Find a vase (or Mason jar or any suitable vessel) for your flower bouquet.
  • Make sure the vase is clean and fill it with cold water.
  • Remove your bouquet’s packaging but leave the rubber band holding the bouquet together for now.
  • Cut a few centimetres off the stems at an angle, depending on the heights of your bouquet and vase.
  • Place the flowers in the vase and cut or remove the rubber band to allow the flowers to fall freely.
  • Put your vase in a cool spot away from direct heat or sunlight.
  • Flowers like to drink, so keep an eye on the water levels.
  • After a few days, clean the vase, change the water, re-cut the stems, and pull out any dying or wilting flowers.
  • As the week goes on and you remove more dying flowers, think about changing your vase to fit your shrinking bouquet. Bottles will come in handy when your bunch is just a few long-lasting lovelies.

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