Guest Post: My Trip to Broadfork Farm

beautiful laughing sister
Good day friends,

My name is Miranda and I am one of Shannon Jones’ (co-owner of Broadfork Farm) sisters. I had the privilege of spending one week at this beautiful farm in River Hebert, NS (or as I used to call it Saint Hubert, NS).

I was welcomed with loving arms by all three amazing farmers, Shannon, Bryan, and Xander. This visit was very special to me, as I had not seen my oldest sister in about a year, and had missed her, her gentle spirit, her kind accepting words, and her hilarious sense of humour.

garden sign

During my time on the farm I was able to help plant the very first veggies into their soil, I hope to try out those peas when they grow big and strong! I also collected water from the creek at the back of their property to fill-up rain barrels to help water the seedlings. This was not my favourite task on the farm, but Xander and I worked together to get the job done, and had some laughs along the way! I also got to clean and organize a few areas of the farm house, which is really fun for me (yes, I know, I’m kinda weird). These three people work so hard every day, yet there is hardly an ounce of stress, and always room for jokes and laughs. I could really feel the success on the horizon for them.

One of my favourite days there, we went market hopping in the morning, visiting the Moncton Market, the Dieppe Market, and the Sackville Market. All of them had lots to offer and each unique in their own way. Then on the way home we stopped into the Amherst library and picked up a couple books and a movie for the night. When we got home we prepared a delicious homemade, healthy poutine and chatted about ideas to redecorate the house. After lunch it was pouring rain so we all stayed inside and used some inspiration from library books to decorate the house, this was so much fun, and the house looked amazing afterwards.

I am so proud of all their success and wish them much sunshine, a perfect amount of rain, and beautiful vegetables, flowers, and eggs. I can’t wait until my next visit to the farm!!

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