Greenhouse Construction! 1

Our greenhouse construction has finally begun! It had been put on hold because we were waiting to get a building permit. Word of advice to folks buying a greenhouse: ask the company for engineered drawings BEFORE you buy from them! We bought our greenhouse from Multi-Shelter Solutions in Ontario and while we were very happy with the price….they didn’t have any engineered drawings of our greenhouse! But, after 8 months, we finally have a building permit!

A great group of people came out to help us put up the greenhouse. Our regular volunteers Sylvestre and Sarah, Danielle and her partner Mike, and our friends Frank and Claire Cochrane from Cochrane Family Farm with their 2 wwoofers Yuka (from Japan) and Clare (from New Zealand).

Sylvestre also brought out his video camera and videotaped the whole day. Here it is, in 2 minutes:

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One thought on “Greenhouse Construction!

  • jon

    I’m surprised that multi shelter solutions stays in business. Lucky for me he has a reputation for lying about permit requirements and for short shipping his customers, otherwise I might have had the same problem getting a permit.
    Fortunately for me a friend told me about another company called L&R Shelters, they do everything MSS does they just do it a little bit better, in some cases a lot better ! Much better customer service, engineered drawings for every building they sell, and in some cases much stronger buildings !
    I guess MSS is able to outrun his reputation or just stay in business by being the cheapest ?