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Bryan singing into a carrot(?)

We finished our market season on November 1st. We’ll be back at the Dieppe Market in the spring…it’s hard to give an exact date. For the last 2 years, we’ve returned in late April, but we always try to go back as early as possible (the weather, of course, has so much to do with it!).

Thank you to our wonderful customers and to our wonderful fellow market vendors! Your support and friendship inspire us to continue making 20 year goals (and beyond!) for our farming careers. We hope to be growing food for you and seeing your sweet faces into our old age!

November Market Stand

We want to send out a very special thank you to Ginette Goulet, who has been the Dieppe Market manager since we first started but has moved on to other things (that’s her next to Bryan in the picture below). You rocked it as a market manager and will rock it in every endeavour you take on! We can’t wait to see you at the market next season, but as a market-goer rather than manager.

Marche de Dieppe Market

We also really want to thank the restaurants and other local food businesses that we supplied on a regular basis this past season (check out who they are on our To Your Plate page). We know it takes a great commitment on your part to source local, organic produce. It definitely costs more than buying in from California or Mexico. Our goal is to continuously offer you the highest quality, the freshest, most nutritious and delicious vegetables we can while seeking out new and interesting vegetables and herbs so that you can, in turn, delight your customers!

broadfork organic farm plateEnjoying the Broadfork Organic Farm Plate at Tide and Boar Gastropub in Moncton

We encourage all blog readers to support these food businesses and other food businesses that seek out local and organic foods. They are taking an important step in building their local communities, creating a positive food culture, and keeping their local watersheds and soils healthy now and into the future!

Red Earth Kitchen salad

We love and appreciate you all!


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