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watering in the greenhouse

Just wanted to give an update from the farm.

Firstly, we are doing well, feeling well, and keeping to ourselves. We truly hope the same for all of you.

Our farmers’ market, the Dieppe Market, in Dieppe, NB is closed for the foreseeable future. This is the main place we sell our veggies and flower bouquets (besides restaurants, which are also closed).

We were planning on returning to market sometime in April (the exact date was up to the weather).

We have not yet decided exactly how we will get our produce to you (perhaps a quiet drop off spot?) as we don’t currently have produce to sell and each week from now until then may have different recommendations.

The market has just announced that it is currently working on the creation of an online ordering platform that will allow you to buy essential and prepackaged products from vendor and producers.

We are thinking on it a lot and considering all options for delivery.

We know that it’s important for you to get local, organic, nutrient-dense food. And we want you to know that we are busy planting so we can get it to you.

If you want to stay updated on upcoming deliveries for this season, please sign up for our Market Newsletter at the bottom of this page in the footer. (Or, if you’re not anywhere close to Westmorland County (including Dieppe and Moncton), New Brunswick or Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, but want to be updated on our farm news in general, sign up for the General Farm Newsletter also at the bottom of this page in the footer).

Here’s a picture I took while we were transplanting beet greens into our tunnel – on these sunny days, it gets quite warm (even though we don’t heat it at all).

transplanting beet greens in the high tunnel


While there are many ways that our small farm cannot compete with larger, international ones, we can certainly compete on quality and safety.

There are only 2 of us touching the plants from seed all the way to harvest. There is no lengthy supply chain with products passing through many hands.

And the safety of the food we grow is everything – the farm is our sole source of income, any issues at any point would devastate our farm. So we are always very careful and mindful.

Health and safety are in everything we do – for you, as well as for us, and for the health of our environment (which are all connected).

While there were a few farming events we were scheduled to attend that have been cancelled, it’s interesting how similar social distancing feels to our regular spring schedule.

winter on the farm


While I rarely listen to the news, I have been doing so much more lately. And I can feel the tension build in my body as I listen to it.

When I turn it off and work outside or even stay on the couch and cuddle with a cat, I can feel it releasing as well.

kitten in small box

I wanted to share with you a few things that I have found helpful lately:

This poem:

You Come from Survivors

By Erik Ohlsen

You come from survivors

and like your ancestors,

you have it in you to survive change.

You have it in you to survive chaos

You have it in you to survive cultural transformation

Whether it be a virus,

economic collapse,


a broken healthcare system;

we survive when we work together.

We all come from ancestors who

navigated upheaval, and

built new cultures from

the ruins of old.

We come from ancestors who

changed their daily lives,

changed their societies,

and transformed the world

for their decedents…

For YOU…

And WE,

In this time on Earth,

are being called to change

once again.

We are being called to change

our economy,

our safety nets,

and our community behaviors.

We are being asked:

What do you hold dear in life?

What do you hold sacred?

We are being tested.

It’s a test of the human spirit.

One where millions of lives are on the line,

lives affected by virus,

lives affected by collapsing economies,

lives that can’t take the isolation.

What do you do?

Who are you?

Deep inside your DNA,

inside the fabric of culture,

inside our histories and herstories,

are the remnants of survivors:

The imagination of innovators,

the brilliance of visionaries,

the courage of action takers.

We are these people.

They are us.

I call to the survivor inside of you.

Bring forth your skills.

Bring forth your big heart.

Hold the vision of what can be born together

and make it happen.

Healthy food, clean water, sanitation,

shelter, warmth, love, purpose…

Everyone needs these as much as they need money.

Share what you can,

share with those nearest you,

your neighbors,

your town,

the folks living in the street.

Let the over-abundance of material wealth

take some of the burden

for those hit hardest.

Transform the landscapes of your community

and grow food,

grow medicine,

breath in life.

Share real, human, earthly love.

You don’t have to touch to do this.

I stand in solidarity with you, and

I sit in grief with those that are grieving;

Together we can build a bridge

to a thriving world.

This show:

Our customer and friend, Dennis the Prescott is in a Netflix show! It’s called Restaurants on the Edge, it just came out, and we are really enjoying it. I love the focus on local foods that Dennis brings to the restaurants.

We haven’t yet gotten to the episode set in Tobermory, Ontario yet but apparently there are farmer faces we know featured in it.

I would recommend it anytime, but while you’re social distancing or self-quarantining, you may be especially looking for something good to watch.

Extra: Also check out The Biggest Little Farm on Netflix!

This book:

The herbalist Stephen Harrod Buhner has been an author I’ve really enjoyed since I interned at a medicinal herb farm in Oregon many years ago (over a dozen years). In 2013, he wrote a book called Herbal Antivirals. He most definitely does not make wild claims and the book is backed up with pages and pages of scientific references. The book can get quite technical but it doesn’t need to be read cover-to-cover. There’s info on support of the immune system generally, as well as viral support. The beginning of the book gives a great overview of viruses in general. If you have an interest in herbal or natural medicines, you might want to check it out.

I found a link to a PDF of the full book that you can download for free.

This podcast:

Have you listened to the Ologies podcast? It’s a podcast that talks with experts in various fields. There’s a new episode out about Virology. I found it great to listen to as I was rebounding (jumping on a mini-trampoline for exercise).

Here’s the link if you’re interested.

Bonus: the host is also in a new Netflix show called 100 Humans that is another good Netflix recommendation.

I hope for you and your family and friends that you’re able to stay healthy and contented through this very different time.

Your farmers, Shannon and Bryan

farmers planting in greenhouse

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    Thank you so much for the update. I especially appreciate your point of view on whats happening lately. I loved the big beautiful cloud filled sky photo and the poem put a new light on many things I’ve been pondering. As always your blog made me smile, made me think and made me grateful!

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