high tunnel

pheasant 6
We planted our high tunnel full of greens for early-spring markets. We’ve been enjoying some in our winter salads and are excited for the full harvests when we’ll have enough to share with our wonderful customers! We’ve been seeing lots of pheasants (as well as other birds) around the farm lately.┬áThese guys are enjoying the fallen apples that were leftover before it snowed.

Seasonal Snapshot: January 2016

It was so warm and sunny and perfect in the tunnel today! We had some lettuce that just needed to be planted so we prepared an area and stuck them in. We’re trying to reorganize a bit…last year we used the whole front section of this tunnel for seedlings. Now we’re going to need to use the edges a bit more efficiently. It’s going to be a bit tighter in here, but hopefully it will all work out. We had lots to pot up too. Because of the cold weather this year, we needed the heated bench for more seedlings […]

On the farm today.

While it doesn’t look like spring yet outside, we’re getting ready for it anyway! We almost forgot to bring some potting mix indoors last fall, but thankfully the light bulb went on. Otherwise, we would have had to work with frozen potting mix! The heated bench is filling up fast. We’re planning on creating a “real” germination chamber this year for seedling trays that don’t need light to germinate (usually we makeshift a germ. chamber that becomes something else later in the season). Very soon, a bunch of these trays will need to move off the heated bench to make […]

What’s Happening on the Farm?