Corn Crib

We finished our market season on November 1st. We’ll be back at the Dieppe Market in the spring…it’s hard to give an exact date. For the last 2 years, we’ve returned in late April, but we always try to go back as early as possible (the weather, of course, has so much to do with it!). Thank you to our wonderful customers and to our wonderful fellow market vendors! Your support and friendship inspire us to continue making 20 year goals (and beyond!) for our farming careers. We hope to be growing food for you and seeing your sweet faces […]

Fields Empty, Hearts Full

  We are organic farmers because we want to save the world! We want to make sure that our life’s work is the best way we know how (always learning and changing…) to create healthy ecosystems and a healthy food source. When neighbourhood children bicycle past, we want to make sure the air is healthy for them to breathe. We want to make sure the River Hebert, where our ground water and stream water is ending up, isn’t polluted because of our farming practices. We want people to be able to eat the most nutritious part of the fruits and […]

Celebrating Organic Agriculture