Cut Flower field tour
Buying local, ecologically-grown food is a no-brainer. There are so many benefits, both for families as well as for our local community, economy, and ecology. Voting with our dollars and choosing food grown by a farmer we know and whose values and practices we respect is one of the biggest […]

Why Local Cut Flowers?

garlic 2
Last fall, when we were going through our farm purchase, we needed somewhere to plant our garlic. Cindy and David from Pleasant Hill Farm (in Pleasant River, Queen’s County, NS) were generous enough to let us plant a bed at their farm. They prepped the bed with their spader, applied […]

Our Garlic Harvest at Pleasant Hill Farm

bumblebee 1
On Monday, July 16th, we hosted a Biodiversity Workshop and Potluck. We had a great turnout, met some great folks, ate some great food, and learned lots about biodiversity! Reg Newell, from the Department of Natural Resources walked the whole farm property with us, sharing insights on the different habitats […]

Biodiversity Workshop Recap