National Farmers Union

Check out this group of rockstar farmers (and rockstar farm allies)! This “family photo” is from the 2015 NFU Youth Retreat, held in Wakefield,QC that I just returned from. This is a yearly event, you can read my blog post from last year’s Retreat in BC. It was beyond amazing and definitely a highlight of my year. I have come away feeling refreshed, ready for this farming season, and inspired to make sure I’m always keeping myself informed about the larger picture in agriculture (larger than my farm…this includes my regional farming community, our national farming community, as well as […]

Pickles and Policy

young farmers 1
I’m still dealing with a bit of jet lag from the long flight but I’ve just got to share the awesomeness that happened in Victoria, BC this past weekend. I went out there for a 3-day National Farmers Union (NFU) Youth Retreat. This was my second NFU Youth Retreat. The first one I attended happened last year at Waldegrave Farm in NS. I came away from that meeting crazy inspired and pumped. There’s nothing better than hanging out with a bunch of other young farmers from across the country who have both similar and different challenges, opportunities, dreams, and goals! […]

In Union